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  • Before I was a little wiser, I engaged in a couple of email conversations with scammers purporting to need legal services. After I responded to one email in particular, the scammer explained that he worked for a company in London seeking to collect on a debt owed by a certain company at an address in […]

  • Are you a licensed Washington contractor? If so, then you know that complying with all of Washington’s construction laws and regulations can be onerous. But here is one law that you need to be very familiar with.

  • When people find out I’m an attorney, they almost always ask me what kind of law I practice.  The first thing I tell them is that I’m a real estate attorney. I’ve been practicing law in Kitsap County for over 13 years now: eight years in Silverdale, and five in Poulsbo. During this time, I’ve […]

  • A few weeks ago, it was my turn to make a 10-minute presentation at my local networking group. After some thought, I decided to discuss those things that have influenced the way I practice law, rather than the details of what I actually do. I wanted to focus on the how, not the what.  In […]

  • There is a growing trend in the law well known to attorneys. More and more legal rules are requiring people involved in lawsuits to pursue ADR before they can get to trial. What is ADR? It stands for Alternate Dispute Resolution. This means mediation and arbitration. Mediation is a way of getting parties to voluntarily […]